Lighting the way to new Wonder materials?

A glass lattice that traps light in such a way that it exhibits ‘infinite mass’ has been devised by a group of physicists at Heriot-Watt University led by the Centre's Robert Thomson.

Laser-written photonic lattices are a powerful way to observe phenomena that are simply too difficult to observe in other systems.

                Dr Robert Thomson


New Technology for Designers - GVUK Design - Glasgow

Your invitation to a local event where you can catch up with the latest technology available to Jewellers, Industrial designers, Academics and Artists. 

This Open Day follows on from successful events in Birmingham, London & Dublin during 2014, and makes the latest technology available to view in an informal environment as an Open Day where visitors are invited to attend at any time during the day.  

The following brands will be represented at the Technology Day:

Stewart Williams writes on the need for scientific understanding in laser welding

Writing in Laser Systems Europe the Centre's Professor Stewart Williams at Cranfield University argues that a more scientific approach to laser welding would increase uptake of the technology.

It is my belief that it is the often adopted engineering approach to laser welding, and indeed many other laser processes, which is the root cause of this. This is manifested in the following types of activities:


UK Additive Manufacturing National Strategy

The Centre is contributing to the creation of the UK Additive Manufacturing Strategy "to maximise UK business growth and long term economic value in the successful industrialisation of Additive Manufacturing".  The UK Additive Manufacturing Strategy is closely linked to the National Strategy for Laser-based Manufacturing.


Future Factory Series: 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing | Tuesday 28th April 2015

Engineers’ and designers have been using 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing
technology for more than a decade, manufacturing everything from medical implants to
automotive parts. This year’s 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing conference will
provide delegates with much needed insight into the world of advanced technology, and
how to innovate, develop and enable crucial business growth. By sharing case studies from
the UK’s leading manufacturers, delegates will have the opportunity to learn about the