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Lasers for Productivity – a UK Strategy

The Centre and AILU have been working together with the UK industrial laser community to develop a National Strategy for Laser-based Manufacturing.  The completed report, Lasers for Productivity can now be found using the link below:

Lasers for Productivity

This Strategy was developed by a group of key stakeholders, including trade bodies, industry, government bodies, independent research organisations, funding agencies and universities.  It built on a broad evidence-base including Photonics21, the UK Farnham report and foresight roadmaps and reports prepared to support UK Government and Horizon 2020 priorities.  A list of the Working Group members can be found at:

National Strategy Organisational Team

The National Strategy Organisational Team is a group of leading independent experts and has been created to oversee and support the development of the National Strategy.

  • Chair: Dr Malcolm Gower (Nanophoton Technologies Ltd and AILU)
  • Co-Chair: Dr Paul Hilton (TWI and AILU)
  • Dr Ric Allott (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and AILU President)
  • Prof Duncan Hand (Director CIM-Laser, Heriot Watt University and AILU)
  • Prof Stewart Williams (Cranfield University and AILU)
  • Prof Daniel Esser (CIM-Laser Deputy Director, Heriot Watt University and AILU)
  • Prof Denis Hall (CIM-Laser, Heriot Watt University and AILU)
  • Dr Eoin O’Sullivan (Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge)
  • Dr Charles Featherston (Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge)
  • Ms Emma Williams (CIM-Laser, Heriot Watt University)
  • Dave MacLellan (Executive Director, AILU)

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