Feasibility & design: 2 µm lasers for industrial applications

Laser-based production processes are dominated by solid-state lasers in the UV, visible and near-infrared wavelength ranges, and by CO2 lasers in the far-infrared. This is due to the maturity of these laser systems, as well as the properties of the majority of materials being processed. However, there is an emergence of industrial applications where traditional laser sources are not necessarily the preferred option, but rather lasers operating in the spectral region in-between the near- and far-infrared should be utilised. Er-doped lasers operating at 1.5 µm are already finding industrial applications, while Tm-doped lasers at 1.9-2.0 µm are now becoming a particular topic of interest.
This project aims to collate all the relevant information on modern 2 µm lasers, as well as critically evaluate the emerging laser processes which will benefit from the industrialisation of these lasers. Based on this information, a concept design will be delivered for a 2 µm laser processing system which would be able to address specific industrial applications.



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For more information on this project contact Professor Daniel Esser, m.j.d.esser@hw.ac.uk