Strategic Advisory Group

The Strategic Advisory Group, an active body to stimulate, guide and steer on CIM-Laser achieving the Centres goals, and to assist in the development of research and funding strategies beyond the end date of the Centre. The remit of the group is to:

  • Contribute to the development and on-going enhancement of a clear rolling "roadmap" which will identify subject areas and technology for current and future target research both within and beyond the current funding period;
  • Provide guidance and advice to achieve "roadmap" and other targets;
  • Advise on strategy for the exploitation of research output from CIM-Laser, making use of the Group's general knowledge and its greater commercial picture to maximise impact;
  • Provide feedback and guidance on the industrial and strategic Outreach activities.

Strategic Advisory Group membership

Chair - Paul Hilton, TWI Ltd, (former)

Deputy Chair - Nick Weston, Renishaw

            Ken Lipton, Rofin-Sinar UK
            Roy McBride, PowerPhotonic
            Robert Lamb, Leonardo (Selex-ES)
            Daryl Landeg, AWE
            Mohammad Antar, MTC
            Tom Harvey, CPI
            Gerard O'Connor, University of Galway
            Vitor Marques, Honeywell Aerospce
            Clive Grafton-Reed, Rolls-Royce
            Gerard Davies, EPSRC
            Gerry Flynn, Innovate UK
            Ric Allott, Rutherford Appleton/AILU
            Emma Ashcroft, TWI Ltd
            Louise Geekie, Croft Additive Manufacturing