Stewart Williams to present at AILU laser and electron beam welding event

Laser and electron beam welding are widely accepted manufacturing techniques for a wide range of industrial applications. Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages, and traditionally these have defined the applications which they are most suitable for. However, on-going developments in both laser and electron beam technology are increasing the overlap between the technologies. As such, there are an increasing number of applications which are considered suitable for both laser and electron beam welding.

This workshop will compare and contrast laser and electron beam welding techniques, with the objectives of providing attendees with an increased appreciation of both techniques and an understanding of how current users down-select between the processes. Presentations will be given from end-users, equipment suppliers and researchers, covering the following themes:

  • Current industrial applications of laser and electron beam welding
  • Industrial end-user perspectives, from leading aerospace, automotive and defence companies
  • Contract manufacturing perspectives on laser and electron beam welding
  • Process monitoring and quality assurance
  • New opportunities and research in laser and electron beam welding

The day will include lots of opportunities for discussion and questioning and will end with a tour of TWI.