Dr Supriyo Ganguly

At present, Dr Ganguly's research focuses on the following areas;

  • Application of laser in joining of dissimilar metallic combinations, towards improving productivity and microstructural and metallurgical modification to create defect free sound joints for structural applications. 
  • The creation of functional surface layers and structures using arc and laser based heat sources.
  • Application of laser shock peening to improve structural integrity of a component.

His present research projects are: 

  • Joining of dissimilar metallic alloys, where the research aims to understand experimentally the underpinning mechanism of intermetallic formation in fusion welding of different dissimilar metallic alloy combinations and to model the transient thermal field and correlate it with intermetallic formation
  • Application of laser arc hybrid process to improve productivity in structural applications.
  • Laser assisted arc welding is being explored in the extremely specialised area of deep sea dry hyperbaric welding
  • Application of local mechanical tensioning and laser processing in multi-pass structural welds to reform microstructure.
  • Application of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and state-of-the-variants of GTAW processes to explore creation of functional layers and coatings
  • Application of laser shock peening to control and predict fatigue crack trajectories in cyclically loaded structures


+44 (0)1234 755054

College Road, Cranfield, Bedford, MK43 0AL

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