Professor Bill O'Neill

Bill is Professor of Laser Engineering within the Cambridge University Engineering Department and Director of the Centre of Industrial Photonics. He has written over 170 research publications and scientific papers on the subject of laser-matter interactions, optical engineering, laser based manufacturing technologies, and micro/nano fabrication techniques. He is a member of the international advisory panel of the National Laser Centre of South Africa, a Director of the Laser Institute of America, and advises industry on a number of laser based manufacturing technologies.

Research Interests include

  • Flexible and reconfigurable production technologies.
  • Laser beam monitoring and control
  • Ultrafast laser matter interactions
  • Dynamics of micro and macro laser cutting
  • Rapid manufacturing technologies
  • Ultrahigh velocity particulate impacts
  • Nanoscale fabrication technologies
  • Engineering systems for synthetic biological applications
  • Micro engineered medical therapeutics

+44(0)1223 764 834

Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, 17 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge, CB3 0FS

Research Profile