3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Defence

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Defence, 20th January 2015, Heriot Watt University

Industry giants like Lockheed Martin and Honeywell are incorporating additively manufactured components into their designs, and GE Aviation is investing $70 million in an Auburn, Alabama factory to make 3D printed fuel nozzles for its LEAP jet engine. What used to require welding together 20 parts now requires printing just one.  

Additive manufacturing now represents a small, $3 billion slice of overall manufacturing output but is predicted to soar in coming years to some $100 billion. Business Insider

The CfIM in Laser-based Production Processes, The Mnufacturing Technology Centre from Coventry and ADS in Scotland on 3d and Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace Centre are jointly organising a day long workshop. With 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing being described as ‘game changing’ for the industry, this event will allow companies and excellent opportunity to hear how far the technology has developed, where research is being directed and what practical uses it is already being put to within industry.

With speakers from the Manufacturing Technology Centre, Innovate UK and industry, the event will also allow companies to see first-hand what additive manufacturing research Heriot Watt University is investing in, and to explore how these techniques could be used to benefit your company.

Register your interest in this FREE event by emailing scotland@adsgroup.org.uk