University of Cambridge Science Festival

The IfM opens its doors for the University of Cambridge Science Festival. Come along to discover more about the exciting things that go on here!

All of the events listed below are open to the public from 13.00 - 17.00 on Saturday 21 March. We will operate a ticketing system for some of the activities to avoid queuing.

Laser lab tours

Get a glimpse of the latest laser technologies and find out how they are used in industry. Watch a focused ion beam etch some of the tiniest pictures and text possible. Witness lasers cutting through metals up to 30mm thick. Try to use a laser to ignite gun cotton... it goes off with a BANG! Booking not required, Free, Tour, Ages: 8+ 


Enjoy a host of activities from our inkjet and photonics experts: create your very own laser etched metal ID card, see water droplets frozen in mid air, and use a laser to power your rocket along the wire - who has the best aim?! Booking not required, Free, Hands-on, Ages: All ages

Watch it made

Design and make your own watch from scratch! Start by choosing your watch face, the colour of the body, the strap and the hands... and then enter the manufacturing zone where you will discover different engineering processes, such as milling and turning. Finally, you will assemble your watch with a unique machine developed at Cranfield University. Pre-book (very limited places), Free, Hands-on external link (a very small number of places will be made available on the day)

Sustainability games

Fun and interactive lessons from our experts in industrial sustainability. Booking not required, Free, Hands-on, Ages: 8+

What would you use THAT for?

Try out some of the latest science based products from local companies and win a prize for thinking of the best ways to use them. Booking not required, Free, Hands-on, Ages: 8+

Raspberry Pi at the IfM

Meet the creators of the revolutionary Raspberry Pi low-cost computer with demos, competitions and hands on activities. Booking not required, Free, Ages: All ages

Pecha Kucha challenge

2pm - 4pm

Graduate students enrolled for a PhD in engineering will take on the challenge of sharing their research with you in just 6 min 40 sec, using the Pecha Kucha presentation method of 20 slides each lasting 20 sec. Will they succeed?
Join us for just one or stay for as many as you like (theycan be addictive)! Booking not required, Free, Talk, Ages: 12+


How engineers make the world a better place

1.15pm – 2pm, 3.15pm – 4pm

Dr Tim Minshall and some of our manufacturing engineering students will be talking about the ways in which engineers improve our lives. From medicine to transport, and food to communication, they will be talking about how engineers are now using technologies such as 3D printing, smartphones and solar energy to transform the lives of people across the globe. During the talk, we’ll be looking for young volunteers to help with some of the demonstrations and awarding fabulous-ish prizes to a lucky few. Pre-book, Free, Talk, Ages: 8+ external link (some places will be made available on the day)