National Manufacturing Debate 20-21 May 2014

British manufacturers are increasingly opting to use local suppliers as the cost of outsourcing abroad rises and incentives to move production back to the UK are more attractive. This has the potential to improve the UKs industrial base, create jobs, and ultimately strengthen our economy. But where does UK manufacturing productivity rank against international competitors and how can we improve it? What does
Government/industry need to do to ensure this trend continues?

The 5th annual National Manufacturing Debate will be opened by Professor Sir Peter Gregson, Chief Executive and Vice-Chancellor of Cranfield University and chaired by Lord Alec Broers. The event will attempt to answer some of these questions and provide a forum for networking and collaboration amongst key players, large and small, in UK manufacturing. A white paper on the manufacturing productivity facts/trends and recommendations for improvement will be published at the debate.

Keynote speakers include:
• Rt. Hon David Willets MP, Minister for Universities and Science
• Dr Martin Howarth, Director National Centre of Food Engineering, Sheffield
Hallam University
• Tracey Marsden, Partner, Nabarro
• Ian Waddell, Unite National Officer
• Richard Kenworthy, Director, Engine Manufacturing Division, Toyota UK
• Warren East, Ex-CEO Arm Holdings plc and Non-Exec Director BT and other engineering companies

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