Diagnostics and process improvement of ultrafast ps laser welding applications

Ultra-fast ps welding is in principle a simple procedure. Two materials are brought into close proximity and a laser is focused onto the interface. Absorption at the interface produces a plasma that, when cooled, forms the weld. In practice laser-material interactions and particularly the absorption of the radiation are complex; this leads to a process which is hard to predict and difficult to optimise.  At present we are researching the capability of ps welding to bridge gaps in both similar and dissimilar materials. Direct observation of this bridging behaviour would lead to a better understanding of the process and allow for the welding of more industrially relevant components. 

This project aims to create a portable imaging system to allow non-portable breadboard and brass board lasers and processing systems to be tested across the centre.

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For more information please contact Dr Richard Carter, r.m.carter@hw.ac.uk or Dr Krste Pangovski, kp358@hw.ac.uk