Laser Welding of Optical Components to Metal Alloys

Electro-optic systems, including lasers, incorporate a range of optical components (based on either glasses or crystals) that typically need to be adjusted and then permanently or semi-permanently mounted into a mechanical supporting structure, usually made from machined metal.  Typically, mounting of these optical components uses various adhesives and/or mechanical clamping arrangements.  Adhesives suffer from long term stability issues, including creep and degradation; also outgassing, if used in a hermetically sealed or vacuum application. 

The Centre has been developing a direct laser bonding process using an ultrashort pulsed (picosecond) laser, and have demonstrated its feasibility for the welding of glass to metal, in addition to glass-to-glass bonding.  Having proven this feasibility, we are pursueing a detailed development of the process for the bonding of standard optical components to metal parts, based around the requirements of the industrial partner. 


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