Multi Laser Selective Laser Melting

Additive Manufacturing methodologies are beginning to achieve commercial uptake due to the advantages they bring in terms of part complexity, design freedom and material economy. Selective Laser Melting is one such technology which utilises a scanning galvanometer system to divert a process laser across a metallic powder bed in order to create complex 3D components. In order for the uptake of this technology to continue improvements in build speed and material microstructure coupled with reduction in part defects and process uncertainties must be achieved. As affordable high power fibre lasers become available their integration into such systems should allow for some of the stated issues to be resolved. However the current optical configuration utilised will not readily accommodate increases in optical energy. We propose to develop a proof-of-concept high power multiple laser scanning Selective Laser Melting system to allow for increased build rates and novel scanning strategies aimed at improving surface finish and reducing component residual stresses.

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