Metallurgical Interactions in Advanced Laser Processing

A critical aspect of developing new laser manufacturing technologies is the interactions they may have with the materials being processed, in terms of their effect on the local chemistry, microstructure, texture and properties. In particular, it is important to fully understand any implications this might have on the product quality and performance in service. Hence, the aim of this project is to provide a focal point for generating high-level metallurgical information on key topics in the laser processing of metals, to support the CIM portfolio of projects. Important areas that will be researched include: laser surface interactions in machining/ polishing and peening; interfacial interactions in dissimilar joining (e.g. glass to metal welds), and additive manufacturing. In additive manufacturing the effect of process parameters and material feedstock on defects and microstructural heterogeneity, as well as on surface quality, will be investigated. As this later area is becoming an important issue in applying AM to free-form fabrication, the work will also include studying techniques for surface improvement of AM components.

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