A novel ultrafast laser tool for rapid precision machining of high value materials

Ultrashort pulse laser technology is rapidly evolving as a key enabling technology for many high precision, high value industrial manufacturing applications. However, commercial systems are limited in average power and so are unable to achieve the necessary speeds for some key volume manufacturing applications. This project will develop, demonstrate and optimise a laser system technology which is suitable for many such industrial applications.

Yb-doped amplifier stages will be developed for the amplification of ultrashort pulse oscillators to high average power levels in the near infrared at a range of pulse repetition frequencies. The near infrared output will be frequency converted to enable quantitative machining studies at a range of pulse repetition frequencies, wavelengths and power levels. Following the completion of the study, the technology will be optimised to target specific high value applications allowing product development to commence.

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For more information please contact Professor Daniel Esser, m.j.d.esser@hw.ac.uk