GHz-rate holographic observation and optimisation of laser-based materials processing

Laser-based manufacturing has traditionally taken an empirical approach. Industrial laser users have access to an immense parameter space consisting of nearly infinite combinations of wavelength, pulse duration, temporal pulse shape, spatial profile and polarisation (not to mention processing parameters such as processing speed, pulse overlap etc). This project aims to develop in-process diagnostic instrumentation that can be employed to optimise the parameter space for a variety of laser-based production processes and laser systems.

This will be accomplished through direct observation of process dynamics using an image capture technique through an ultra-high speed Pulsed Digital Holographic system. The objective is to develop a system that can measure 3D spatial information such as plasma and shockwave induced refractive index gradients, and particulate ejecta with the ability to resolve temporal events down to 500ps and frame rates in the GHz time domain.

This system will be the first of its kind enabling  detailed observations of high-speed laser processing events that will empower laser designers and laser users to optimise their technologies for laser materials processing applications.


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